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In other words, if Brian was requesting she call himbefore their usual Thursday conversations, something was probably wrong."Hey, Love, I found out someone in our clubhouse spread some rumorsabout us, and they are not flattering." Oh wonderful, am I pregnant?"Brian laughed. "I wish they thought that. No, someone has started aDebbie is on the prowl when not in town rumor." Brian...." Debbie began."No, Love, I know. I just wanted to get that out to you, so we can worktogether to end this shit. That's also why I'm skipping Hannah's thisFriday, better we both field any uncomfortable questions so they don'tpick sides when there shouldn't be any anyways."Debbie smiled to herself, so they wouldn't pick his side due to herabsence, he left unsaid. Reason one million and forty seven. They allknew she had a public persona that sometimes required her to be seen inthe company of men who were so very not Brian. They all seemed tounderstand it was for business, and knew that if Brian was. I had a friend that was raped when she was 13 years old and I saw what it did to her, ... to her mind and spirit. I lost the only friend I had. I was only 11. I wanted nothing to do with sex from then on. It was about hurting and hating and crushing someone. I made myself ugly and unattractive so no one would hurt me like they hurt her. I never talked to boys and almost never talked to girls. They only wanted to talk about boys!" Slave, do you masturbate?"The blush of embarrassment spread further. The marks on her breasts from the crop were lost in the red of her blush."Ma'am ... I ... sometimes..." Slave, look at me."Willow had kept her head bowed, mostly from embarrassment and her eyes were looking at the floor. At Page's words, she looked up for the first time since the questioning had started.Page was sitting in the leather chair with her legs crossed and her hands on the arms of the chair. When Page saw her look up, she slowly uncrossed her legs and held them together for just a.
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