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.you're not going to let it go, are you?" Tyrande said with a sigh."Come on, my wife. Live a little," Norial/Malfurion said with a laugh."We will be here for several weeks, why not take the time to enjoyourselves properly? And it is not like you are cheating on me." You know what?" Tyrande replied, putting the quill and paper away onthe small dresser. "You are quite right. But I am somewhat tired ofbeing looked at that way. It is very improper for the high priestess ofElune, especially from a lowly blood elf."Norial pouted and opened his mouth to protest, but then blinked asTyrande stood up from her chair. Her beautiful body on full display, thenight elf priestess shook out Naryd's empty form and began stepping intothe legs of the suit. She gave Norial a wink as she shimmied herimperious form down into the much smaller and differently shaped body ofthe blood elf. Soon Tyrande's soft bosom vanished beneath Naryd's chest,and only Tyrande's smiling face was left on top of the pale blood. And we had both been swamped with the last minute details concerning the plans of the day. So even though I missed her, I was so busy I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. Ankita was there by my side the whole day, helping me with everything she could. Mom and Dad stayed busy, arranging the reception area, Mom being the perfectionist she is, nothing was ever right. So Dad would just shake his head and follow her directions. “Are you truly happy about marrying Kiran, Scott? If you are then I am for you.”“Yeah Ankita I really am. I’m just sorry she can’t find it in herself to like you. I don’t know why she doesn’t, other than the fact that you and have always been so close to each other. She is possessive of me and it can only be her jealousy. I really don’t know. Hopefully in time she will come to love you, it’s the best I can hope for Ankita.”“Well Scott, it wouldn’t be so hard for me if she wasn’t such a snob to me, or so damn arrogant, like the she owned the World or.
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