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He looked up as I sat down opposite and gave me a sheepish grin."Thanks I really appreciate this." "Sure not a problem whats up?"I realized he had picked an out of way place so we wouldn't probably be seen by any locals. With his head down it was obvious he was going through some inner turmoil, the first thing that went through my mind was god don't tell me he thinks he is gay and wants to come out. What came out next was a gushing of out pouring that was something I really didn't expect. "Well my girlfriend and I have been experimenting." God not the bi thing I thought not interested in a girl on guy and guy thing no matter how hot this guy is. "Experimenting in what way?"With a heavy sigh it all came out."Well it started off with her giving me head and she is great don't get me wrong I love it." he sighed and continued on. "But then she started doing stuff with me." he looked down at the cup in his hands and blushed. "She started playing with my ass a bit, at first rubbing with it. " Nami gripped down harder, and Robin realized what she'd left out. "I'm sorry, mistress."Nami needed to get Robin to the point where calling her 'mistress' didn't require extra thought. A point where the act was reflex. It was good that she set that goal. It gave her something concrete to work towards."Good girl," Nami cooed. With that admission from Robin, she let go of her ass, rewarding her with the cessation of pain and went back in for another kiss. Once more, Nami teased the entrance to Robin's mouth with her tongue, and this time, Robin didn't try to push forward, instead passively opening her mouth and waiting.Pleased, Nami entered for a brief few seconds, dominating her mouth and looking for any hint of disobedience. Not finding any she withdrew and gave yet another reward, trailing kisses down Robin's slender jawline to her full breasts.Nami dragged her tongue around Robin's puffy nipple in a languid motion. Robin tremored. Nami bit down. Robin whimpered.Dislodging herself,.
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