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Charles subtly motioned to Rosario who pulled Alexa closer in response. "Rosario, G?rard's slave - Nadine - was found dead from what appeared to be simple heart failure in our New York Center."Rosario felt the naked slave at her feet begin to tremble. She lightly placed her fingers on Alexa's bare shoulder. Instinctively, the girl pressed her head against her hand. "I'm very sorry to hear of your sad loss, G?rard, but you said 'appeared', Charles - why? What really happened?" An autopsy discovered that Nadine had been held down with such force that her ribcage was cracked and she had been injected behind her ear with sufficient Digitalis to cause massive cardiac failure. We suspect that she was another of Miller's victims but we have no idea why she was killed." By this time Alexa was rocking back and forth with her head bowed. He knew she was sobbing but his mute slave could make no sound. That BASTARD, he thought. Even in death, Miller’s deeds still tormented. This was my way of controlling the urges, not giving in to them. I told myself.I got more and more bold. I stopped laying on my side, and would lay on my back instead. Her face just a few feet away. I’d jerk my cock until I came on my chest. Sometimes letting it dry as I slept. She never moved.Friday night was the worst. She had a date. Her first since the separation. She looked like a vision, in a small dress and her hair up. Luckily the guy was a dud, so she was home early. We ate ice cream, watched TV and went to bed. But the agony of seeing her like that, and the pain of knowing there were yet another long line of guys who I’d have to wait for, was too much.I jerked my cock with more force. Angry. Sad. Jealous. I wanted to cum, and I wanted it to feel good, but I wanted it to hurt. I wanted it to be intense.“Are you OK?” she said.“Shit,” I muttered, sort of turning. Her hand was on my back. “Sorry. Uh, dream.”“Don’t be silly. I know what you were doing.”“What? Huh. No. Uh..
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