”She had to laugh. “OK, bye.”The next day was Friday, and Guy was anxious all day. Damon. Who was he, what was he like? What should he fix for dinner? How should he dress, with a tie or sporty? Should he call his ex and invite her? No, of course not. They hadn’t spoken for years.The sun set and it was beginning to get dark. Guy was getting anxious when the doorbell rang. Thank God!He opened the door and gave his daughter a big hug.“Dad, this is Damon.”Damon put out his hand. “Hi, Mr. Peters, glad to meet you at last.”Guy was pleased with what he saw. He wasn’t surprised that he was a good-looking young man. After all, Trisha was beautiful, and that wasn’t just his fatherly opinion. Damon was on the short side, but after all, Trisha was petit, and Guy himself was only of average height. He also liked the way he was dressed. He wasn’t in torn jeans or low-hanging pants.Guy brought them into the house and sent them upstairs to stash their suitcases and wash up. He put dinner on the table. It was so intense kissing that we forgot to close the door and she reminded me to do so.I just obeyed her and came back instantly. This time my lips were on hers and my hands got busy carrasing her hairs and scalp. She started breathing harder and I could sence her excitement as her legs and hands were trembling and her breath was getting heavier. After few minutes of intense kissing, I requested her to remove her top as it will get crushed. She just asked me to do this favour and I followed it immediately. After removing her top, the two mountains I could see which were wrapped in purple bra. They were really Hugh and it was difficult for me to blink my eyes.I just started playing with those milk pots slowly and she was also enjoying it. Slowly slowly my hand was caressing her boobs, nipples and her belly. It was super smooth like butter and I was getting mesmerised by her body odour. I kept making circles in and around her mountains, back and started kissing her neck. It was the.
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