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Do youknow the old rhyme 'Jack Horner'? You need a plum my dear." Mirabelsearched her bins looking for one. She finally found a silver heart pinwhich she decided would be just the right touch. She dropped it into thecauldron and a soft grimace issued from the red lips of the almost-girlin the mystic oven as it reappeared as a charm pierced through thenarrow oval of its navel.Inside Mirabel's creation the battle was all but over as Edward Greentchbegan to forget why he was even fighting the melting heat. In the spaceof his mind he stumbled as his form rendered in his old body melted intoa spreading pool of pale blue liquid which bubbled for a few seconds andthen turned to pale pink. Slowly, a figure that matched his new outwardappearance rose from the pool, sucking the errant liquid back in andgrowing with the nourishment. She smiled and then embraced the gooeyremnant of her former self whose last thought before he disintegratedand was absorbed by the female figure was "she's nice, I. I could feel the anger rise in me, so many destroyed, so many lives lost, all attempts to communicate with the humans either ignored or rejected which I knew not.Finally I reached the opening of the cave where we had taken refuge looking back I felt the pain of having to leave so man behind. Again I was stealing myself up, NO! I had a duty that I had to perform, with the Trillions that we had waiting to again start colonization, I couldn't risk any of them landing here on this planet or any in this system. Stretching I peered out into the night at least we had an advantage over the humans, we sensed more than we actually had to see.Finally I saw that the humans had decided to pull back now was my chance to escape and inform home world of the tragedy here. Unfolding my wings I started my rhythm to get airborne. Out here it was far worse, thousands of bodies mostly flattened, mangled cruelties that went far beyond the war, and bordered genocide. I could feel the effects of the.
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