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Jess sat upright, shoulder to shoulder with me. The soft bodies pressed against me brought me to attention almost immediately.Someone – I’m not sure which girl – wrapped their hand around my cock. They did it so gracefully that I couldn’t detect any movement under the blanket. She – whoever it was – slid her hand up until the rim of my rod was covered by her palm. Neither girl looked in my direction.That someone’s thumb brushed the rim of the head, then repeated it. And again. Over and over the sensitive skin was teased by the pad of a thumb. I gasped and let out a moan.“Emma,” Jess said without taking her eyes off of the TV, “are you masturbating my husband again?”“Yep,” Emma responded back with a chuckle.“You remember what a mess you made the last time, right? I like this blanket. I can’t throw it away like that pair of underwear,” Jess chastised playfully.Emma didn’t stop teasing my prick; I squirmed under the touching.“Well, what do you propose?” Emma asked.By way of answer, Jess. “I don’t see why we shouldn’t walk with you for a while, Ross might be back, and I wouldn’t want to face him alone with Anna after you’ve hit him on our behalf.” Anna was now well and truly agitated, and started to walk backwards to emphasise the need to get away, and not involve anyone else.“That’s it Candy! I’m off. Just tell him what you are and put him out of his misery; he’ll be off quicker than Ross then!” Candy’s soft face dropped at her now departing friend’s words, but she remained silent. Now 25 yards off, Anna shouted back as she walked away.“I’ll make it easy for you; put your hand between her legs, Candy IS NOT A GIRL!” I was struck dumb for a moment as I looked at the pretty figure before me; I also watched the gait of the departing Anna, who was no doubt suffering a slight return to her true gender in her haste to be elsewhere; I now realised why her angular facial features did not attract me. My eyes returned to the soft redhead before me; my initial feelings for.
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