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“Diana Millet, The lady you were just harassing downstairs.”“Oh! Diana?”“Yes, Millie is what we have always called her, and she has been with us so long that my mother makes the error of calling her Millicent, but her name is Diana. And Miss Diana Millet is governess to Sir Jacob White’s children, you’d do well to remember that. Now, you can go to the workshop and do something useful.”The girls left, but Victoria felt that the business was, as yet, unfinished. She sat behind her desk, took a sheet of paper and wrote a letter.A few minutes later Millie came to see her.“I’m afraid they may take this out on Myfanwy, Victoria,” she said.“Oh dear! Well I’ll write a note to their mother and ask if she will keep an eye open. I want to ask her about something else anyway. I had to explain to those little devils who you were, they were a little taken aback.”“Who I am? Oh! I see, yes everyone knows me as Millie, and you mother calls me Millicent, not that I mind. Anyway, I’ve added an extra ‘t’. " Sam said sternly to Mellos."I can't really be sure," Mellos said. When I was so unstable, I often suspected my helper. There were times that his power would spike I was so certain he was one. Just as suddenly, it would drop to nothing, as I said, I suspected though wasn't sure." See?" Sam said. "That wasn't so hard now, was it?"Mellos released a deep sigh. "It was far harder than you thought. I have been 'bad' so long, untrusting so long, it was hard, still is. Damnit Sam, I am just starting to adjust to how I am, here you wat to push it? You have a hell of a lot more confidence in me than I have."Sam was agreeing up to the last part. "I know what you are capable of, now. I can also see all the changes that have taken place within you. Confidence? No, I know, so get used to it! No, I have an appointment to keep, if you want in, be ready."Mellos nodded her head as her eyes opened wide. A moment later Sam nodded to her, then Thantas as he leaned close to her patting her on the.
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