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It's not uncommon for a guy to walk in, lead me to the bedroom, use me and leave without even saying thank you. If it isn't his first time, neither my willingness nor my lack of response will come as a surprise. The local whores don't even care that I give it away for free. Guys pay them even though I'm prettier because men like this responsive business. The two men at my door were petty thieves, probably wanted. They'd had a run in with my boss, and I'd gotten sort of stuck in the middle, kidnapped, maybe held hostage. They needed help from a friend, and used me for payment. The guy first thought he was getting a good deal, since I look like a walking bombshell. But after he'd used me he felt he'd been used. I tried to tell him I loved it, but after the fact he didn't seem to care much about me anymore. I'd seen it a hundred times. Actually, more than a thousand. The whole world has been fucking me since around the time I turned sixteen. After fucking the friend they let me go. However, we are now almost a thousand light years from your system. It is not possible to return, and we now realize that your species cannot self replicate. There are two variants. We have collected copies of all of the healthy specimens of the reproductive variant, but only one specimen of the other variant which we intended to use for study purposes. We now realize that it requires both variants in order for your species to repopulate." Are you telling me you've cloned every woman on earth, but only one man? Me?"The avatar looked embarrassed if that was possible. She bowed her beautiful head and looked down thoughtfully."Not every woman. Just the healthy ones suitable for breeding, between the ages of 18 and 42." and me" Yes. We are sorry. We do not yet know the process for mingling your two variants in order to repopulate." That's ok. I do." Good. We are formally requesting your co-operation in recreating your species." Recreating?" Yes. your species was eradicated by a localized.
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