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It read:"It's been a bit of a strange night full of drama, but something's about it has me kind of turned on. Sometimes I feel horny for the strangest reasons, does anybody else get that way? Well anyway, come check out my new show this weekend, hopefully I'll be able to control myself until then, though I feel like I could just about jump anyone's bones right now."As her father read this he felt himself sneering at her words. They were so sultry and so perfectly phrased to manipulate all of the fans out there. "What a fucking tease," her father thought and he felt himself getting a little angry again. And of course, she was talking about him: clearly their little exchange had gotten her riled up, but it was in an altogether different way than he'd planned. In a mixture of curiosity, frustration and lust, Mike finished watching another two of Brooke's most recent videos. As his erection became uncomfortable in his jeans, he pushed it around with his hand and savored the feeling of. ”“Uhh, well, Dad saw pretty much all of that on Wednesday, so, okay.”“One final item. I don’t know if you’ve all thought of this, but, except in very certain circumstances, none of you should be entertaining wearing underwear of any sort with these outfits.”I was looking at Liya when Mom said that. She knew that she was going to be showing a bit through those shorts I’d found for her. Liya swallowed hard but nodded her head. I pulled her aside and whispered in her ear.“Have you considered ... umm ... shaving for those shorts?”She turned her head and looked hard at me, then whispered, “You mean ... uhh ... down there?”I nodded. “I could see a darker patch that was obviously your hair. Because it’s only partly see-through, with a shave, there would be no obvious dark patch, so it probably won’t be obvious that what’s seen is skin. Of course, they’re quite tight, so...”“Yeah,” she whispered, “various ... shapes might be obvious.” She inhaled. “What do you think? What’s the lesser of two.
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