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Part of our foreplay including taking pictures of each other doing stuff. Back then I owned a shitty Kodak digital camera that would sometimes not focus and to fix it you would have to take pictures of random bright light. During that particular session I was clicking some BJ photos while the camera acted up, lazy as I was I just opened the window near the bed and started randomly clicking the camera without even looking at it. Tried again some BJ photos and the camera worked, we carried on as usual.Twenty minutes later while both of us are stark naked there is some loud banging on the door. Suddenly startled and scared I ask Anu to rush to the bathroom, her clothes still lying on the floor. I quickly put on some clothes, hide her clothes under the sheets and open the door.Two men were outside and rudely ask me, what I was doing. I politely reply nothing. The men still angry insist and I say nothing, I had no idea what was going on. I asked who they were to which they replied they. Ragetti could not control the hunger that possessed him if he tried. It was some hazy time after this, that the goddess pulled slowly from his hold and licked her lips."Now that ya've brought me here, what is it you plan on doing?"Too far into this state of pleasure to be daunted or embarrassed, Ragetti answered just as directly. "Giving you some of that idea from earlier."Her amber eyes caught the light of the fire, twice as beautiful and wide at his blunt reply. "Ya—" Want to pleasure you, the way you want, but not like this. I'll need to get deeper into the water."Fabrizio switched positions and set her upon his previous seat. She stared at him curiously as she wondered how long he was going to submerge, but he came back soon."Deep enough," was all he managed to get out right away, using his hands to push the dirty blond hair back from his face and blinking eye. The water ran down his chest and shoulders in a very alluring way. His gasps also had a very familiar effect on her as.
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