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She asked us to visit them at our convenience. Shall I get you coffee?”I already retied the laces and stood up.“I am going now, do you want to come?” I asked her. She was incredulous.” What is the flaming hurry? Rajanna is alright, recuperating at home.You can refresh, have coffee, snacks, more over it is over 20 km to their place”Before I could say any thing, Lata’s Grandmother interjected. ” Better start without delay.You give him coffee, then your fingers will brush,your pallu drops,his eyes will be glued to your cleavage, his cock rises, your pussy flows,then you have wild sex, after that you postpone since you are tired.So no coffee, get going “Lata’s face was flushed bright red. ” Grandma, how you can be so shameless, use such dirty,obscene language?” She asked angrily.Grandma looked at me with hurt,innocent expression.“Look,who’s talking, she’s the one doing obscene, dirty things and she is acting holier than thou. Madhu, you tell me, I am right ,aren’t I, she gets banged by. I realize she’s removed her glasses when our foreheads press together as her hand tentatively touches the point of my small breast. My nipple is alive under the pad of her soft thumb. Suddenly, I am cautious again, wondering if she likes what’s beside her. Elizabeth leans down to kiss me slowly, groping me more deliberately, as if she can sense my hesitation.A moan slips past my lips as her palm travels along the swell of my breast, down my waist, around the curve of my bottom and back up. Our legs begin intertwining. Hooking my ankle around the back of her knee, the feel of her feminine body starts to undo me. The flat expanse of her stomach aligns with mine, her thigh pressing between my legs, breasts flush with my own. The heat coming from her is unreal.Forgetting entirely where we are and how we got here, I start grinding against her. She returns it. As Elizabeth humps my hip, I get the unmistakable impression I’m really meeting her for the first time. She reminds me of myself,.
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