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I also had something else on my mind. I wanted to find a place of my own to live. I was twenty-two, a college grad, and gainfully employed. It was time to move out of my parent’s house. Of course, if I had a place of my own, I could also drag Joey off to bed whenever the mood struck me; and it struck me just as often now, as it did when we first started sleeping together!The evening I arrived back home my parents sat me down for a talk about the future. It was a conversation I was eager to have. My dad told me how proud of me they were, and Mother nodded her agreement. Then the conversation shifted to work.“Have you decided which part of the company suits you best?” he asked.“In fact, I have. Let me get my laptop and I’ll show you,” I replied.I returned with my laptop and squeezed in between my parents on the couch. I put my computer on the coffee table in front of us, and while it was booting up, I started my carefully prepared presentation.“I have an expansion idea that I believe. I hope you have read my previous story” love making on onam vacation”.All your comment and feedbacks were nice …It was all your love and care which provoke me to write this story …Hope you all will enjoy…Forgive me if there is a grammar mistake …So let’s start….It was on last year new year eve …I was from a middle-class family.Basically from gods own country … we people in Kerala are seeing sex as a social taboo…Any way we people were strictly warned from our society when we use the word sex …At that time I was just 18 …Then also people were not considering me as an adult …But from my childhood, I was a typical kind of person who used to walk through the ways that people are afraid of …And I enjoyed it a lot …Mridhu was her name she was always a surprise for me. She is my cousin. We are of same age. And we enjoyed our company a lot. She was doing her degree in a reputed college .In Kerala.On vacations, our families used to have a get-together. As I enjoyed her company a lot we were.
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