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But he also knew that if he wanted to get anywhere in the future, he had to play the game now. So at midnight, he set off for the clandestine meeting.Draco wrapped his invisibility cloak more tightly around himself as he slunk out into the crisp night air, feeling strangely vulnerable. While he was actually enjoying having a room to himself, going anywhere outside of it was a whole different story. Usually he never went anywhere alone here if he could help it. Goyle and Crabbe may not be the most lively of conversationalists, but they certainly knew how to fill space and look menacing. Pansy he could do without, but even she was useful in her own dull way. He knew that he tolerated them all because they gave him the two things he never received at home, company and attention. The only times he’d ever done anything without them here at school it was because he’d been following orders from his father, and he couldn’t risk disappointing Lucius- his hold on the man’s affection was shaky. I looked straight back at her."This is it" I nodded."Il go round now and tell him you knew about the pics, and il invite him round tonight?" She answered by coming to me, we embraced, her arms around my neck, our mouths met, we kissed deeply with passion, I felt her heat, her want.God this was going to be good! We broke off and she wished me luck, not that I thought I'd need it, I think robin would be just as eager as us, what I did need however, was 5 mins to let this hard on go down, a situation which beth found highly amusing! I wondered back round to robin's, feeling very different, I mean this was serious.What was I going to say? I knocked on the door, no answer.Knocked again, where was he? We'd only just been.After the 3rd knock robin answered, looking a bit red in the face."Oh simon, sorry I was just tidying up" "No worries, I...I just wanted a quick word if that's ok?" "Yes that's fine, anytime, are you ok? You look a bit worried?" I assured him that all was ok.And followed.
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