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. of wanting to watch you again..."Emi lay down with her head in Yui's lap. Yui lightly stroked Emi's hair as she spoke."And, well, I was modeling swimsuits, bikinis this week, and being almost naked like that was really turning me on... and of course I kept thinking about you..." Mmmm... I'm so happy Yui chan", Emi said softly."Well, I would go home, have a bath, and then spend at least an hour each night loving myself like you did."Emi sat up with her face close to Yui's."Oh Yui chan, I'm so happy you did that for me!"Yui ran her fingers along the soft contours of Emi's cheekbones."Can I ask you a question Emi chan?" Of course my darling Yui, ask me anything."Yui almost felt too embarrassed to ask."Could I be your mirror?"Emi looked a little confused."I mean, I want to watch you love yourself again... but this time, I want to be your mirror and copy everything you do." Oh Yui chan!" Emi said as she got up to dim the lights.In a matter of seconds they were naked, kneeling on the. Fortunately some of the lady teachers who had been cheerleaders were able to come by and help out. These girls put their all into every routine. I did have to caution them to cool their jets a bit when the routines got a little carried away in a provocative sense.We held practice sessions every chance we got and built up quite a lot of interest from the boys in the school. I mean what red blooded male isn't fascinated by cheerleaders bouncing around in their skimpy uniforms. I know I sure was impressed. It turned out that I noticed that several of the girls had developed a bit of a crush on me and every time they looked at me they seemed to have a dreamy look in their eyes. Or was it just hopeful thinking on my part? We'll have to see but I would never take any of them up on their infatuations.Our first actual performance was to be at an away game at one of the other schools in the conference. The ball players were loaded up in one of the buses with all their equipment. The second.
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