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" Bruce reached an arm over and hugged Tod. Ya know, Bro? It's plumb amazin' how a little slip o' girl can affect ya' so much. Can't live with 'em, and don't want ta live WITHOUT 'em. I got th' same about Annie, now. I thought I knew some girls before, but they was just somethin to take up time, NO OFFENSE TA ROBBI, till th' right one came along."They heard the chugging of the diesel engines in the distance. "Looks like time for their show, and us ta get ta work. You wanna drive or hook the chains?" Tod asked. Bruce told him, "If it's all the same ta YOU, I'll hook 'em up, and YOU pull 'em out. You know where ya want 'em stacked." Tod climbed up on the tractor. The first truck was coming over the cattle-guard at the road. They had lifted it up and cleaned out under it, so any rain wouldn't get bottled up, and had put extra cement blocks under it, to reinforce it. It would easily support 100K pounds, now. The first truck came in, closely followed by the second. They followed the road. We’d been back in our room around twenty minutes when there was a knock on the door, Donna threw on a dress as I put my shorts on, upon opening the door there stood a young girl, “Hi I’m your holiday rep you didn’t come to the meeting”, “No sorry we went out for a drink, come in”, as she came in she was Katie, 5’1”, 19 years old, been in the job 8 months and was wearing a uniform.She was wearing a blue sweat shirt, blue skirt and jacket and what looked like skin coloured tights. As she came in all smiles she sat on the bed and talked us through the activities and anything else she was programmed to say. I got a drink out of the fridge and offered her one, she took a coke and started to drink it, Donna looked at me in our knowing way and smiled.I took the drink off Katie and out it on the floor, she looked at me and I tipped her chin and kissed her, she pulled away quickly and said “I’m not here for that” to which I replied “You can never tell what will happen” as I leaned in and.
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