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Alternate between the two, the shaft and the tip… the shaft and the tip and now in a circle with your tongue…in a circle with your tongue… keep licking. As you can see I am shaved down below, a small concession to my Ladies. It makes oral sex more enjoyable for them and for me….ah yes…mmm... Very nice, Maud, you are doing fine… pretend that your tongue is a butterflies wings fluttering from flower to flower. Flutter your tongue on the tip…good you are reading my mind, in a circle, on the tip, on the shaft, good you are developing your own technique already. You have me throbbing and pulsating and I am holding back my orgasm to prolong the sensual pleasure and it feels marvelous. God, blue eyes…back off your teasing and lick the clear pre-come off of my penis… keep looking at me…. now take a break.”All the while that Maud was licking I had my hands in her hair to keep it out of her face. “At this rate you will soon instinctively know when your Master is about to come, the. He moaned a bit, to at least feel the satisfaction of making some noise. He heard her voice from behind him and turned his head toward the source."Finally, you're awake. Nod if you feel okay."He nodded, as her version of "okay" meant "not bleeding, not suffocating and not in blinding pain." Good," she said and sounded like she meant it. Her hands were moving softly and lovingly over him. "I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed last night, and how it made me confirm a decision I'd been thinking about regarding you."Her phrase "last night" made him realize just how long he'd been asleep, but he didn't have time to think much about it, since she was continuing."I think we've both been frustrated by how your work had gotten between your tongue and my pussy. I know I've been annoyed that I can't simply have you when I want. So, I decided that, since I wanted it, I wouldn't be a very good Mistress if I didn't insist on it. But, since I'm compassionate, I'm going to help you give me what I.
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