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’ Jerome looked longingly at the cool water of the lake. We were at the edge under a willow tree, invisible to anyone else. It was the place I had swum from last year. ‘You can meet me, here, at half-past four, and then swim. Here.’ I emphasised the ‘here’. I knew this part of the lake was free of water lilies. ‘As long as you don’t peek, Elaine.’ ‘Jerome! Would I do such an unladylike thing?’ I protested. Of course, I might. I might also swim, myself, after Jerome had gone. I wanted to make sure that he was safe. I wasn’t confident that his swimming abilities were as good as he thought. We walked slowly back to the house. The morning was getting warmer. By this afternoon it would be intolerably hot, dressed as I was. The family would be resting in darkened rooms until the evening meal. No one except me noticed when Jerome took a horse from the stables and rode to the railway station. I was waiting for him when he returned the horse. ‘Elaine! Are you so desperate to hear what Uncle. The amount Ejaz mentioned was almost twice her salary as a school teacher. To cut it short, I raised the subject very casually over dinner that night, acting as if I couldn’t have cared less and that of course Zeenat could not do it. I soon had her all eager and excited. The only apprehension on her part was for being recognized but that was soon removed when I told her that the brochure would only be seen by an exclusive lot. The next day I was talking to Tim (short for Timore, the photographer) on the number given by Ejaz. Tim said first I should talk to Mrs. Ansari (the business woman) And settle a time with her so that she could meet the model and give her approval. That having been done, Zeenat and I left our son at Zeenat’s sister on a Saturday and arrived at Mrs. Ansari’s place on the address given to me over the phone. It was an upscale area of the city where the rich and trendy usually lived. We were seated in a tastefully decorated guest room by a servant, and soon greeted.
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