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We were starting to get desperate when we spotted a sign saying 'Suit Sale - Last day, 75% off everything!'We hurried to the shop to find it was a women's clothes shop. Diane stood dithering for a minute outside when we realised then said, "Come on," and led me inside before I could protest. I objected but she was soon taking skirt suits from the racks to hold against me."But Diane, I can't wear a woman's suit!" Why not? You're wearing a skirt and blouse." But that's only until we can afford to buy some more clothes." Well the only way we'll be able to afford new clothes for you is if you get a job and the only way you'll get a job is if we buy you a suit to wear and the only suits we can afford right now are these." But..." But nothing. You either choose a suit we can afford and try to get a job or I'm leaving you. I've had enough of not having money and having to support you. You can get a job as a woman for a while until we've saved up some money then you can buy some men's. Thankfully his phone rang just as he began caressing my breasts as his tongue nearly disappeared down the back of my throat. “Oh God!” I gasped as Sean answered the phone. Flustered I made waving motions with my hands and whispered that I had to get back to my desk. Sean tried to stop me but I rushed out and scurried to the ladies room. I hid in a cubicle with tears running down my cheeks for nearly ten minutes; gathering my thoughts. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done – I’d kissed another man…a black man… and had bloody well enjoyed it. I sat at my desk answering e-mails until 5 o’clock; believing that every pair of eyes in the office was looking at me knowing that I was a scarlet woman. Sean was in meetings then away from the office for most of the next few days so I put ‘the kiss’ behind me and tried to forget about it until the middle of the Thursday afternoon. I bent over his desk to pick up an empty coffee cup when I suddenly felt his hand creep up my.
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