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Who do you think made it?"Fred shrugged and replied, "If I had to guess, I'd say it was a crash site from the French-Indo-China war. I think the plane slatted down right here and set the jungle on fire. The wind probably blew the fire mostly down hill."Before I could respond, the radio broke squelch and Country Caraway's voice filled the speaker."November-One this is Covey; we see some movement to your south. It looks like a couple of squads moving west, trying to flank you. The Cobras are five minutes out, so hang tough down there."I was on the upslope portion of our small perimeter and was peering intently into the jungle, when a RPG round swooshed over my head and exploded about fifteen meters to my right. Right after the RPG warhead exploded, a couple of AKs opened up to our left. I ignored what was happening over there and kept my eyes moving as I scanned the area up the hill. Sure enough, I caught a few darting movements back in the edge of the thicker jungle. I had a hunch. We had a fun day walking around holding hands and eating ice cream cones. After a leisurely meal in a pub we set off on the long drive down to the Minack theatre.You can’t help being absolutely captivated by your first sight of the Minack. Built by hand using local stone the amphitheatre is perched on the edge of the cliff with the English Channel as the breath taking back drop for every scene. We watched an amateur company put on a performance of “My fair lady” but it had to be said that mother nature stole the show as a huge thunderstorm played itself out in the bay.The drive home was very tiring for Wishes, it had been a long day for us both and night driving can especially tiring when it’s all new to you. By the time we got back to the A30 Wishes was flagging so we swapped seats and I drove us the rest of the way home with Wishes sleeping beside of me.Tuesday morning it was raining so we decided to drive over to St. Austell and visit the Eden Project. Wishes knew that her mum had.
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