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This induction lasted for six months, interspersed with training on the ground. I found these visits fascinating and learned a lot. My interest was such that I then, off my own bat, enrolled for a part time college course in weaving technology. I had found my niche in life. I was busy, working and attending the college, learning all the time. However I did find time to get married, although I had little choice in the matter. It was a shotgun marriage as the girl in question was pregnant at the time.Jane, my wife was a sweet girl who at first demonstrated an active libido, hence the pregnancy. As we settled down to life as partners and parents her attitude changed and she listened more to her mother than to me. It didn't matter that I had a good job, that with hard work I would advance. It was never good enough for her, or should I say her mother. Life could be difficult enough without the dreaded mother in law. Our love life became spasmodic and when I was allowed physical pleasure. ‘Don’t tell me…’ She pulled me back to her breast, holding my face against her and stroking my hair. ‘Yes James, I want you to play Santa for us tonight. If you do a good job, I will give you a special present when we get home tonight.’ I put up a fuss, complaining about rug rats, smelly costumes, and such but the more I thought about it the better I liked it. Here was my excuse for not putting up with all the boring spouses and their boring talk. I could ‘Ho! Ho! HO!’ it through the night and not have to worry what anybody was saying. Alice sent me out to find a costume, telling me not come back without a good-looking Santa suit. It took awhile but I found a great suit at an outrageous rental, I felt that not only had I done what my wife asked, I was sticking it to her company at the same time. When I got back home, my wife was still in panties but she had added a camisole and I noticed she was braless. God she looked so sexy, I knew I was going to be a Santa with a.
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