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” When the kisses traveled from her face-and the clothes started coming away- he had no clue- just that in moments- Kay was making love to him in the wild abandon that he remembered sharing with her. It was as if they had never separated-whispered pet names, and assurances- and an unspoken promise- that they would always be there for each other. “Kay- come see me tomorrow. I’m performing at an open mike night tomorrow.” “No.” “Kay- please” Joel pleaded “you’ve been my muse for so many years- and I want to show you how much you mean to me.” “Joel-“ “Please- I want you to hear how I feel. Then tomorrow- if you still say no- I’ll walk away- forever if you want me to.” Kay sighed. She knew that when she got home that she was going to be packing her bags- but to go to someone she hadn’t seen in years or to start over on her own- she didn’t know. She knew that the divorce was final- and all that stood in her way was the fact that she hurt. “I have one question Joel- if I were free tomorrow-. To humne decide kia ki shamko beer peeingge room mein qki rupali ka boyfriend bhi aya tha waterpark to wo bhi mangaya wo per usne kaha ki wo raat ko 1 baje aaega job complete karke hum sab nikal gae or 8 baje me beer leaya wo 10 can .Humne piina chalu kia or khub masti bhi 9 baje tak halka sa nasha hogaya tha mahol mein halki halki nashe mein acha laga to mene swati ko room mein aane ke lia kaha 5 min ke lie wo bhi nashe me thi to boli thoda rukho jaanu mera dhoodh to garam ho jane to hum sab has die phir rupali boli mera dhoodh to garam ho gaya he swetha ne bhi majak me kha ki mera dhoodh to ubal raha he at last mene 6 mara or kaha ki meri dhoodh ki to cream bangai he per .Or rukh gaya hum sab has die phir humne truth dare shuru game shuru kia .11 baje tak beer khatm gai to rupali ke boyfriend ko kaha lete aane ko to bola ki 12 baje tak ajaega tabhi.Me swati ko utha ker room me legaya or usko nanga kerke humne sex kia direct fucking 30 min ki fucking ke baad hum wapas agae swati ne.
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