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Riley' that hired you...would he be the unkempt and disheveled one withthe ponytail?"Terry blinked. "I saw him more as a free-spirited Bohemian with boyishgood looks," he said. Then quickly added, "But, no! It was the other Mr.Riley that hired me. Dave? David, I think it was?"Bonnie stared at Terry incredulously, trying to reconcile thisinformation in her head. "Just a moment, please," she said pleasantly.She walked to the front door and opened it. "DAVE!!!" she screamed. BothTerry and Mrs. Osborn jumped.A few moments later, Dave appeared at the door with Krystal, whom he'dbeen talking to outside. "Honey? What is it?" he said. "Is everything o--" He hesitated as he saw the sexy stranger standing there dressed as aFrench maid. "--oookaaay?"Mrs. Osborn stepped forward to get Bonnie's attention. "You all seem tobe busy, so I'll just let you sort this out..." she offered. She andBonnie fell into a quick little side conversation as Bonnie assured herit would all be worked out and that. Aaron smiled. His plan might work on the farmboy.Every morning at five am, the lights went on and the recording of a buglesounded. The sleepy boys acting like men slowly emerged from their bunksand wearing only their Army issued boxers stumbled into the latrine. They'sshave, bruch teeth and doff their wrinkled underwear for the group shower.Few talked in that room, using their silence to replace the privacy theyhad perhaps known back home. Some might sing, and there might be anoccasional joke but nobody lingered in the warm spray, opting ot wrap atowel around their waist for the dash back to their bunks and cleanunderwear.Aaron aroused by the lights and bugle, got out of his bunk. He wasnaked. Many of his fellow soldiers slept naked too but they pulled onshorts of a towel when getting up. He didn't.That morning he stretched naked in the center of the two rows of bunks andlockers. He grabbed his towel and toletry case and walked down the hall tothe latrine. Around him were towel clad.
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