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Just try?”“I have actually.”“Oh yeah. Shit.”“Why is it important?”“I don’t know. Maybe for you to see their love?”“While we share ours.”“Yes Joe.”“I’ll try. But if I’m not comfortable?”“Then off you’ll go. I just wish...” she started, embracing him.He leaned down and kissed her. Lovingly but short. Shorter than she wanted. She sighed when the embrace ended. “Go fix things with Ginny and Eddie.”“You?”“I’ll just ... walk.”“Come on,” Joe said, taking her hand.“Okay,” Rachel smiled.They walked back to the venue.Ginny and Eddie, sitting on the edge of the stage together, smiled at them.“Where’s everyone else?” Rachel asked.“Chinatown,” said Eddie.“Usual place?”“Yep.”“See you,” she said, giving Joe a quick kiss before heading out.“The song freaked her out,” said Eddie.“I guess she’s not Rache the Bache anymore,” Joe replied.“But she’s cool?”“Yes.”“Cool.”“I’m starved,” said Ginny.“Can’t have that,” Eddie grinned.They walked the several blocks to the 2nd Avenue Deli in the East Village,. Sofia’s arms and legs showed signs of being restrained before her death and she had struggled in those restraints. The pain pressure points on her hands, shoulders, and neck had been used so much they were severely bruised. There were signs of aggressive sexual abuse. She was torn and bloody, both vaginally and rectal. There was no DNA found on her body.She had died of an overdose of opiate drugs: there was no prescription, empty bottles, left over pills, no suicide note. The room had been cleaned; scrubbed was the term in the report.It read to me like interrogation with torture and murder by a professional with a mission.Burt did not stop digging even after he found that information. When Alica ran away from the foster home there were five other kids left; three girls and two boys.Within a month after Alica left both boys were dead. A drug dealer stabbed one of them and a week later the other was found beat to death beside the interstate. The police reports speculated that they were.
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