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"Ok, the truth, please.." asked Jane, "do you fancy the boss?" Nick's a bit of a perv - he keeps leering at my bum and legs..." I pausedfor effect, "...but Sarah, she's really hot."After a moment's hesitation where I caught Jane's eye and I could senseshe wasn't sure if I was joking, we both burst out laughing. It didn'ttake much more alcohol or many more rounds before we both admitted thetruth that we both really did fancy Sarah and I took the opportunity todare Jane to kiss me. We ended up back at my flat having rather drunkensex and ever since then we've been a couple. We didn't tell Sarah andNick. It was more fun to keep it a secret.In the office both Jane and I got a kick out of teasing Nick. We triedto out-do each other in the tightness of our sexy short skirts andskimpy office blouses. Nick, like most men I suspect, also clearly had athing for sheer dark nylons and patent leather heels.One day, quite on purpose, when Sarah was out and we knew Nick waslistening we struck up a. Her slender legs we parted wide enough to give me a full view of her pussy, that was clad in pink satin panties today. Her hand was lying on the edge of her skirt as if she had been playing with herself. “Was that my horny mind?” I thought.As I stared at the site in front of me I could swear that I saw her slit traced by what had to be very thin nylon or silk panties. There was a bit of shine to the panties that seemed to enhance the slit and it looked like a little bump near the top of the slit. “YIKES, I am looking too closely” I thought as the details played back in my mind. My stare was unbroken and then I saw her middle finger move down a bit and I could swear she played the fingertip over that little bump.“My GOSH” I thought, “She is masturbating right in front of me.” My cock was fully erect and as I shifted to make room for it my gaze was broken and I had the feeling I was being watched. I glanced up to see Stacey staring at me, this time she was not a million miles.
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