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It was when we both graduated high school where it got interesting.Maria, had gotten into it, with my aunt and uncle, and I had just moved into a small one story house. So naturally, she stayed at my place. I volunteered to sleep on the couch, and she would take the bedroom. I have always liked to think of myself as a gentleman, and tried my best to live up to that idea. It wasn’t ideal, considering it only had one bathroom and women need their space. Although I rarely saw Maria unless I got off work early.It was Saturday, and I had gotten off work really late, it was around 3 am. I usually work later shifts, because I absolutely am not a morning kind of guy. I walked up the porch and was greeted by a locked door, which was very strange, Maria had always left the door unlocked for me and it was routine for me to lock it after I had got in. A little irritated, but not enough to want to wake her with the doorbell, I walked around the house to see if a window was unlocked. My. “Wow! You look...” I began then ran out of words. “Sore?” she volunteered dreamily. “Oh yes...” I stared at the scene of devastation between my wife’s thighs. Her hairless outer lips had been rubbed pink; still engorged and puffy, framing the darkness of her open slit from which copious amounts of thick, sticky fluid oozed. There was foam around her gaping red inner lips where Steve’s thrusting had churned her juices into a strong-smelling froth. But what stunned me most was the dark circle beneath. Alice’s anus literally gaped open, a pink puckered ring surrounding the dark void of her rectum from which more semen trickled. I lowered my face closer to her over-used flesh. The smell of sex was powerful and I inhaled it deeply. I pushed her thighs further apart with my hands; she lay further back on the pillow, her eyes fixed on my face, her long blonde hair fanning out over the white sheet. “Be gentle... I’m sore...” she murmured. “I promise,” I replied, then let my tongue slip from.
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