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Hawkshire was also focused on the fallen crystal pane, but withonly his eyebrows raised. Jaux quickly recomposed himself beforeHawkshire could look back to him."Well I admit I did not expect you to cast curse magic, but that wascertainly impressive," Hawkshire said as he stood up and walked over tothe crystal. He did not try to pick it up to examine the pattern, butinstead just bent down slightly for a closer glance. "You managed topurge the crystal of all its magic, so there is no pattern to read.Luckily for us, curse magic is already far beyond admission levels interms of complexity, and it was definitely powerful enough as well. Youundoubtedly pass, Miss Ballad."Jaux was... excited by the news, to say the least. He could become anofficial mage here! Magic was just within his reach! Then the last fewwords seem to echo in his head. 'Miss Ballad' Hawkshire had called him.He had passed as a girl, as someone he was sure he didn't recognizeanymore. It was enough to humble his emotions. If Jerri hadn’t acted so aggressive, she might have been convinced to give it a try. Louise had always pushed back against bullies of all kinds. It was part of her family’s unique beliefs about fair play. While she lay there reliving her night on the town, she allowed herself the pleasure of sexual release. She didn’t feel any shame in it. Well maybe a little that the trigger for her pleasure had been the hard edged Jerri. While Louise prepared herself for the day, Ada was already at her computer. She was checking the history of a creek in the mountains. The creek that showed some historical promise ran down the mountain passing within ten miles of the place where miles and Eddie slept. ‘What say we pack up and get back to town. Even if we leave now, we are going to have half a day’s ride,’ Miles suggested over his morning coffee. ‘I love being in the woods, but I love civilization more,’ Eddie said. ‘I heard that,’ Miles agreed. ‘You know this started as a lark. Louise and I were.
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