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Turning around to see what it was he noticed Chenosh was no longer there. Using all his senses he couldn't find her anywhere nearby. Stretching his mind to widen his mental search he found her just outside the planet's atmosphere. Focusing in on her Diun saw her inside of a ship with what looked like Harreden around her, except they felt different."Impossible!" Diun exclaimed."What?" Craig asked."Someone managed to beam her out of the room. Outside of science fiction I've never heard of anything like it. If that weren't bad I know who took her." Diun said."Other Harreden?" Craig said."In a way. Chenosh's people have come to claim her. They are making a break for it. We'll need that ship you captured to bring her back." Diun said."Who are they? What's going on?" Craig said."It's a long story, but the short version is that the Harreden once created a race that proved to be more trouble than they were worth. They were isolated from the rest of our race without the option of space. The place had a playgound and in this playgroung there was a ball pit. ( A small pit with over 1,000 small yellow, blue and red plastic balls and whenever you jump in you will sink.) One day Darick and I were playing around in this ball pit when Darick grabbed me in the crouch area I moved his hand and punched him in the shouder and continue to play. Then later back inside the ball pit I went to grab Darick in the crouch but instead of moving my hand or pushing me away Darick stood there and said"Ooh yea grab it, that fells good, keep your hand it"I keeped my hand on his crouch since we were in this ball pit and no one could see what was going on because the balls were covering everything up. As I started grabbing him I could fell his dick was growing inside loose fitted shorts that he was wearing. He was getting turned on and so was I and he said"that feels good you making me hard, let me fell yours"He grabbed my crouch and started stroking my hard on and said"you fuckin have a big.
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