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. he assumed she was. He had never seen her before. Not that unusual in a neighborhood this size, and she definitely looked to be a bit younger than him, perhaps not even in High School yet."Um ... why?" He looked over her head, which was easy to do, trying to see if there were spectators. See if he was being punked. Or set up for statutory rape charges."Well," she said, pulling an iPad out of her shoulder bag, "I read this, and it sounded really neat!" She flicked it on, finger swiftly navigating to her goal. Dan's eyes stayed on her. She was cute. Geeky cute. Red hair. He liked red hair. She had it short, almost as short as his. A cute face, large green eyes behind black glasses. Freshman, he was going to guess, but her short thin frame supported breasts which would put a number of college girls to shame. They were hidden behind a black t-shirt with stick figures on it, but he noticed them. Bluejeans hid her legs."Here!" She shoved the iPad at him. Dan took it, taking his eyes off. Sierra was a Shooter Bitch at a bar in the central United States for about four months. The smoke and drinking lifestyle got to her and she had to quit. She was told to have a very specific outfit for being Shooter Bitch. It consisted of the shortest shorts you could make out of denim. They had a zipper but the top button was cut off to make a little wedge or opening above the zipper area. The shorts were old and frayed and short. The shorter the better. They stopped just below the bottom bum. The top consisted of a checkered shirt tied up above the waist to show stomach. Underneath it you would wear a tight tank top, preferably white. I remember telling her that the way she dressed was making her asked to be attacked by horny drunk men. It was not right but alcohol and a sexy body like hers spelled TROUBLE. A little straw cowboy hat and boots rounded out the outfit. The bar life was crazy. The Shooter Bitches job was to sell beer and go around giving out shots. On numerous.
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