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Dawn came much too early for the tired four, so it was fully 8am when they had disentangled themselves from their partners, and sleepily appeared for breakfast. After which the two men set off to check and water the flocks. By mid-day they were back home and after washing up were sat at the big old kitchen table, tea in hand. Pam, suggested that they had Oliver and Julie over for tea again, and to that they all eagerly agreed, so Joe rang the gamekeeper`s wife who decided they would visit as soon, as Oliver returned from his round, it seemed he too had had a very late start! Thus, it was that at 4.30 that afternoon the six were gathered in the kitchen of Joes cottage, mugs in hand, without embarrassment discussing the last nights events. It was decided that separating was not a good idea if they were to `play’, however for straight vanilla sex, it was thought acceptable, and Joe suggested that occasionally they could all swap partners for the whole night, which would at least be. She helped me learn the different functions of the Pact house and many other things when I joined, which I used to help you when you arrived. Once I was selected for training for when a rebirth arrived, I haven’t seen or heard from her until just now.”“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Entivala,” I said, as I offered my hand. “I am Pathios Daxion.”She took my hand and let out a little giggle, before leaning in and whispering something into Amenthia’s ear which caused her to giggle and blush.“Oh, I know who you are, Pathios. I doubt that there are many people in the city who are not aware of you, given the public nature of your punishment. Regardless, I am honored to meet you. I am, of course, Entivala Greenwood, of the Tyr Pact house. I was told of your trial and I am here to be of assistance.”“What do you mean you heard about my trial?” I asked, bewildered that she knew of it. “As far as I know, only Tyr, Amenthia, the Guild and the Council are aware of my final trial.”She smiled.
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