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She had hurriedly refreshed her appearance following her first evaluation. But she couldn’t hide the messed hair and flushed cheeks earned from her earlier carnal workout. Her robe was so sheer as to be transparent. She was barefoot. As she left the direct light and walked further into the room towards Ned, her all-but naked body was half silhouetted by the bathroom light streaming through the door. Ned could see her legs all the way to their shadowed junction, the robe draped her chest masses topped with the hint of dark disks. Her wavy red hair was bunched behind in a wetted fluffy pony tail. Ned circled his imminent mate as she maintained pose in the middle of the room. Anxious to get a better feel for his sex-mate, he wiped his hand along her silk covered thigh and ass as he walked behind her. Her skin was warm and smooth. In her hurry to meet his entrance, she had forgotten to undo her ponytail. It was tightly tied at the roots, pulling the russet strands straight against her. For me it made a change having someone who said please and thank you and didn’t spend most of his time farting and burping; plus he was very easy on the eye. “I’m sorry about the other morning.” He continued grinning as he sat on the worktop opposite me which made his running shorts ride up his thighs. “Oh, that.” I stammered and stared intently at the waste pastry on the kitchen table, “it was nothing….I’m sorry….I should have knocked on the door…or something…..I’m terribly sorry….it won’t happen again.” “It was a buzz.” Lewis chuckled as he slid off the bench and walked towards me. “It was a big turn on; knowing you were watching me.” “I wasn’t ‘watching’ you….do…..what you were doing.” I corrected him, but deliberately avoided any eye contact. By now he was standing right beside me and I could smell the sweat on his taught body and his fruity breath as I began to shake with trepidation. Two mornings earlier I’d walked into the living room; where Lewis.
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