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After all theses months of loneliness she would expect herself to be sick of it, but no. She liked it. She enjoyed this time where her thoughts could reach out beyond her broken body and explore. The change in her mood had widened her mental pilgrimage. For the first time in months, her brain found a part of her hidden beneath the Pain and the Drugs and the Bandages and the Plaster. A Human Being. Her body was healthy under the cast. It was ready to return as one of the living, it would explode this cage and surge into the world like a Hurricane. She finally allowed her thoughts to wander to sex. Her awakening lust spun through a Rolodex of scenarios, a film script of terrible and angry intimacy. She allowed herself an arrogant sneer, She would break her husband when she was out of the hospital. Her hips frustrated against the cast, imagined penetrations building up in her mind. Her lungs pushed air through her lips more like a film monster than a person. She ignited in her. I gasped and looked away. She tossed it away and it landed in the garbage. “God, that’s bloody,” she whispered. I nodded and sat up, hissing in pain. “Lay down babe…” I shook my head and clung to her. She sighed, pulling me onto her lap and letting me lie down there. I purred and spread my legs. “I love you baby,” she whispered. I smiled and licked my dry lips.“I love you too angel.” My smile grew as I looked over at the table next to my bed. I sat up and crawled over, painfully, to it. I opened the drawer and grabbed a small box. I carried it back with me and sat straddling her thighs. “Here sugar…this is…” I opened it. “your engagement ring.” Her eyes widened and she plucked the ring up, slipping it onto her finger. It was a huge, crystal clear diamond with a single drop of blood in the center of it. It, of course, was my blood. “This is beautiful,” she whispered. I smiled and kissed her nose. My lips stroked over her jaw and she purred, leaning into me. I began to lick a small.
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